MMCRU Foundations

 Our History


The MMC Foundation was created in 1993 by the MMC Board of Education as an independent corporation and has 501c3 non-profit status.  Our mission is to provide educational opportunities beyond traditional school financing.  Through annual teacher grants and by the development of an endowment, which provides scholarships to MMC graduates, we assist them in funding their post-high school education.  Both teacher grants and scholarships are made possible by generous donors.  In 2016, each MMC grant applicant received $700 scholarship funds.


The RU Foundation was formed in 1999 by a group of people including alumni, parents, RU Board members, RU Administration and area residents interested in helping Remsen Union students as they graduate and move on to higher education.  The RU Foundation is a non-profit organization with its own by-laws and is not under the financial control of the school budget or board.  Funds are provided by generous private donations and yearly fund-raisers.  The Foundation also administers several additional family scholarships including the Mueller Family Scholarship and the Perry Family Scholarship.  In 2016, each RU grant applicant received $400.00 scholarship funds.


Our Future


With the Whole Grade Sharing Agreement and the beginning of MMCRU, the MMC Foundation will serve all students and staff of MMCRU with scholarships and teacher grants.  The RU Foundation will continue to support RU student scholarships as well as assisting the MMCRU Foundation.  

A gift to either Foundation makes a great

 - Class Reunion Project

 - Memorial to a classmate, favorite teacher or        loved one

 - Investment in the next generation

For more information or what can be donated contact:  Ben Letsche 712-229-5575 (MMCRU Foundation) or Rich VanDam 712-540-2475 (RU Foundation) 

Donations for either Foundation may be dropped of at any MMCRU School office.  



MMCRU Royal Scholarship Dinner

January 18, 2020

This event will be at the MMCRU High School in Marcus.  Please RSVP to the High School office if you would like to attend.  Fundraising includes:  Cash is King Raffle (available from any foundation board member) and Auction items.  See the MMCRU Royal Dinner Facebook page for more details.

MMCRU Student Scholarship Application

February 15, 2019

For scholarship information and application please contact Mrs. Schroeder at:

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MMCRU Mission Statement

Preparing each student with the knowledge and skills to become a lifelong learner and a successful productive citizen with the help of communities committed to progress.

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