Regular School Board Meeting

Monday, June 20, 2022 6:30 pm at MMCRU Commons, Marcus, IA


Mr. Jason Loutsch President Year Elected: 2013 Term Expires: 2025

Mr. Talon Penning Vice-President Year Elected: 2019 Term Expires: 2025

Mr. Travis Tentinger Contact: 712-540-8340 Year Elected: 2019 Term Expires: 2023

Mrs. Sara Krier Contact: 786-1013 Year Elected: 2015 Term Expires: 2023

Mr. Eric Harpenau Year Elected: 2021 Term Expires: 2025

Mr. Dan Barkel Superintendent

Mr. Joe Mohning Business Manager

Jill Alesch Board Secretary

Our Philosophy

The Board of Directors of the Remsen-Union Community School District is committed to a philosophy of service to children.The objective of this philosophy is committed to help each child develop into a mature individual and contributing member of society. The Board believes that this objective can best be met through a school program wide enough in scope to encompass the intellectual, physical, civic, social, and aesthetic education of children.

The Board of Directors realizes that an effective public school program must be directed toward the common needs of all children; however, the Board believes the emphasis must lie always on the unique needs of each individual child. In addition, the Board also believes that an atmosphere must exist where each child is free from any form of harassment (physical, sexual, or mental) whereby they will have the opportunity to meet their fullest potential.

The Board of Directors recognizes that the guardianship of public education is a trust and an obligation--that the goals of education and the goals of democracy are fundamentally the same. For that reason, the Board considers that its philosophy and objectives can best be realized when the educational program is directed through written Board policies, policies that are based on the Constitution, the state statutes, federal and state regulation, and the specific needs of this school district.